The art of dance is a communication tool that is smooth and readily accepted in the world. Dance is an expression of the human spirit through the outer rhythmic movements and gradually seemed leads to a specific form. Indonesia is very rich in art of dance ranging from Sabang to Merauke very much at all types of dance ranging from one and other regions have different characteristics and diversity. The dance is often called “Tari Nusantara Indonesia” because of its diversity. Starting from the Folk Dance, Classical Dance, and Dance New Creative. Traditional dance is a dance that grows and develops in a particular area embraced by the community for generations. Traditional Dance generally has a high historical value, broad guidelines, and rests on a custom adaptation of the environment around the growth.

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Instructor : Elisabeth Nur Nilasari

CP : Ekaterina Makanina (+7 903 217 4876)

E-mail : info@simoskow.ru